A lot could be written about this question, because it touches on big areas like string sound, acoustics and finally artistic issues.

In our opinion, today's trend of making double bass strings with over 30kg tension is absolutely not ideal, because the instrument's ability to vibrate is reduced and instead an unfree, compressed sound is produced.

We should also not ignore the fact that the conception of today's instruments comes from a time when playing was done on gut strings with about 18kg per string. So the question is really, what is the "normal" tension for a string?

The Tempera Strings are perfectly suited for jazz players who also have high demands on their sound with the bow. But also for musicians who play in the classical orchestra and are additionally looking for a good pizzicato sound in non classical music contexts.

Our strings have a very long life span when treated well and mounted correctly. Please check out our instructions here.

The strings are designed to sound ideal not just in the first weeks, but AFTER the first weeks. Bear in mind that both new strings and the instrument itself need a few days to mature and acquire the desired sound.

Alcohol is best for cleaning.

We do ship to (nearly) any country in the world. In some cases though, it might be easier to contact one of our partners in your area.

For customers in Europe, we simply use bank transfer with invoice. For all other customers, WISE (www.wise.com) is our payment method of choice, as it is the cheapest way to pay from other currencies. It is very easy to use, we have had very good experience with the service so far.

Shipping costs are borne by the buyer and depend on the destination country. For exact shipping cost to you, please feel free to contact us.

We currently don't give a warranty on the Tempera strings.

Due to the significantly complex production process, we don't give away strings for free. If you are interested in testing out our strings, you can either visit us in Berlin or one of our partners.


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