What is the HYBRID?

The HYBRID dares to combine two completely different demands: Bowing and Pizzicato.
It is therefore perfectly suited for jazz players who demand a lot when it comes to bowing but also for musicians who play in classical orchestras and are additionally looking for a good pizzicato sound in non-classical music contexts. The Tempera HYBRID has a clear, defined pizzicato sound with decent punch and enough sustain without sounding artificial while providing an open and deep arco sound for lyrical solos.


In 2021 we launched our first Tempera model the BASSO, a string developed purely for classical orchestra. After the release, some jazz bass players discovered the qualities of the BASSO and started using it in the jazz context. As the demand grew, we decided to make some adjustments and significantly improve the performance for pizzicato. This is how the HYBRID was born.

Long before the official release of the new model, the HYBRID was known and loved. The feedback from the community is fantastic!


Tension: 24kg
Tuning: E-A-D-G (with optional low C/B string or C extension)

  • Clarity down to the lower registers
  • Deep sound with good projection
  • Extremely stable tuning

Official Sale from November 18th!

4-String-Set: €430,00€ (incl. German VAT: €511,70)
5-String-Set: €580,00€ (incl. German VAT: €690,20)

"The hybrid strings are truely hybrid! I can use it in Classical, Jazz, or any genre."
(Todd Coolman)

"I can’t believe how powerful they are even at low tension."
(Roberto Cassani)

"My instrument has now completely opened up and continues to vibrate loudly through the duration of the note, which it never seemed to do with any other string I had tried."
(Jordan Tarento)

"...playing was heaven. It is like the strings combine the best of gut and steel."
(Flor Van Leugenhaeghe)


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